Pore Size Matters for Biomolecule Separations

with Stephanie A. Schuster
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Abstract: Improved large-molecule separations are achieved when sample sizes are correctly matched with column pore diameter. During large-molecule separations, overlap of size- exclusion chromatography (SEC) with phase interaction modes (such as reversed- phase chromatography [RPC], normal-phase chromatography [NPC] and hydrophilic interaction chromatography [HILIC]) can be difficult to avoid. Data from this laboratory and others suggest that the rotational diameter of target analytes should be no larger than 10% of the mean pore diameter of the column packing particles to minimize pore crowding, maintain adequate retention and avoid significant loss of efficiency and resolution. This presentation will show examples of how increasing pore diameter improves separation and describe how optimum column pore size for separating large molecules can be identified initially to avoid a trial and error process.

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