The Chromatography Forum of Delaware Valley is one of the world's first and most active discussion groups in Chromatography and Separation Science

Since 1966, the CFDV has offered monthly meetings, short courses, symposia and awards in the Philadelphia area. This all-volunteer, non-profit group is made of people from the chemical industry, pharmaceutical companies great and small, food manufacturers, flavors, polymers, forensics, environmental, clinical, research institutes, instrument manufacturers, and universities both faculty and students.

Learn about important new developments

  • HPLC Developments: Monoliths, High-Temperature, UHP
  • Proteomics by LC-MS FDA regulations for separation
  • Parallel HPLC
  • 2D Gas Chromatography
  • HPLC/CE for large molecules


  • Meet colleagues from other companies
  • Ask about techniques with people with a diverse range of experience.
  • Make contacts for a possible future job.

Improve your Expertise

  • Validation of pharmaceutical methods
  • Fundamental theory of separations
  • Troubleshooting in HPLC
  • Clinical samples with APCI-MS
  • Detectors for chiral separations
  • FDA - method transfer
  • Advanced sampling techniques in GC
  • Automated methods in drug development

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